From Pain Relief to Pampering, We Provide Effective Solutions for All Your Foot and Ankle Needs

 full-service podiatry centerAre painful or unsightly foot, ankle, or toenail conditions interfering with your daily activities, keeping you up at night, or making you too self-conscious to wear your favorite shoes? Don't spend another day in agony or worrying about how to keep your feet out of sight. At Capital Podiatry Associates, we can help you give stubborn foot problems the boot and set your feet on a path to better health.

Serving patients in Alexandria and the surrounding areas since 1982, we're a trusted name in podiatry care. Our Alexandria podiatrist, Dr. Leland Gilmore treats patients of all ages and is a  recognized leader in his field. Whether this is your first time seeking evaluation or treatment for a foot or ankle issue, or you received treatment elsewhere but weren't satisfied with the results, we're here to provide clear answers and expert care for your condition.

If heel pain is making every step unbearable, you need help coping with peripheral neuropathy, you can't find sterilized medical pedicure services at your traditional salon or spa, or a sports injury has you sitting on the sidelines, you've come to the right place. Make an appointment with one of our specialists to learn how our team can help you get back on your feet and back in the game.