Spring – the very word can be enough to make you want to jump to your feet and get out there in the sunshine.

No matter if you are just now coming out of hibernation or had just been missing the longer days and outdoor activities that come with the warmer seasons, you’re probably quite ready to put winter in your rearview mirror and break out your sandals!

Indeed, spring is just around the corner and it’s finally time to pull your feet out of their caves – or what we also call shoes. But after being confined for so long throughout these past winter months, your toes are probably in need of some attention and pampering.

And the good news is that you can relax and rest easy at our Capital Podiatry Associates Spa!

Unlike many of the salons and spas where you aren’t really sure how the tools are being handled and sanitized – or, worse, if they even are at all – here you won’t have to worry about catching any common infections or diseases.

If that is something you haven’t thought of before today, then it’s definitely time you start – the number of foot infections and diseases, like toenail fungus, are steadily on the rise, and so is your risk of contracting one (particularly if you regularly go to salons and spas where equipment is being shared and/or not properly sanitized). This is especially true if you are living with diabetes, since your risk of infections and complications are even higher.

Still not convinced?

Well, keep reading our blog – let us tell you why our medical spa should be your go-to place to get your feet looking and feeling like a million bucks!

The Dangers of Standard Salons and Spas

The truth about ordinary nail salons and spas is that they usually see a steady parade of customers. And whether or not some of these customers have infections or diseases in their feet can be a mystery – even for the best nail technicians out there. At the end of the day, that can be a recipe for disaster, one where many loyal customers may walk out with something more than just beautiful nails.

Below are some of the conditions you can potentially contract from going to ordinary nail salons and spas:

After all that buffing, clipping, and trimming done with tools you can’t guarantee are properly sanitized, it is no wonder that it can be so easy to develop some of these scary conditions!

But this doesn’t mean that you should avoid pedicures altogether – what it does mean is that you should come visit our spa whenever you are looking to relax and treat your nails.

Let’s take a close look at why that’s the case.

We Provide Safe and Luxurious Pampering

When you come visit our medical spa, you will find that we offer the most luxurious treatments that are usually provided by standard salons and spas. However, there is a key difference – here at our Capital Podiatry Associates spa, we have licensed healthcare professionals who are actively involved in our client’s foot care. This means that you will be pampered by a technician who fully understands the anatomy of the foot, as well as diseases of the skin and nails, and complications associated with diabetes.

In the case that your technician finds any problems in your feet, our Board-Certified podiatrist is always nearby to provide medical attention. What’s more, we also take extra precautions to ensure that you can enjoy being pampered with sterile tools:

  • We sterilize all our tools in a two-fold process. We go above and beyond the standard requirements of sterilization by using extreme heat and cold temps to clean our equipment after each use.
  • We never share nail polishes. A brand-new bottle of polish is used each and every time you come visit our spa to avoid any type of contamination.
  • We use an individually filled tank system for our foot tubs. The water in which you soak your toes will never come into contact with other tubs or pipes (where infections and diseases may linger).

As you can see, we strive to maintain our sterling reputation that has been based on our ability to provide a luxurious, relaxing experience that is both sanitary and medically safe. After all, how can you really enjoy the experience when you’re worried about contracting an infectious disease at a “traditional” spa and nail salon?

Our treatment packages range from ordinary to deluxe treatments, including specialized options for those of you living with diabetes.

Come Visit Our Spa Today!

So what are you waiting for?

If you want to treat yourself to a relaxing pedicure without having to worry about serious consequences later, then come visit our Capital Podiatry Associates spa today! We will safely pamper your feet so that you can go about the rest of your day in complete confidence.

To schedule a relaxing day with us, simply call our Virginia office at (703) 560-3773, or just fill out our handy request form online and one of our trained staff members will contact you to confirm your appointment.

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